8 startups


Football (aka soccer) is a passion for millions across the globe, one of the world's "common languages". We are currently operating 2 games, one of which boasts 600.000 registered users. The second one, targeting the U.S. market, is tailored to that culture.


Using artificial intelligence and industry-leading image processing algorithms, we are able to minimize the time spent picking the right photos. Our software, with a user interface dedicated for photographers, is available on the subscription model and as a standalone application.


People are tired of not being able to communicate well in foreign languages, despite having spent years studying them. With innovative solutions for language learning from our team of 15, Xeropan is the answer to this problem.


Helpy is an online platform for on-demand cleaning services. With Helpy, a reliable and affordable cleaner is just a few clicks away. We aim to become the leading provider of on-demand cleaning services in the Central Eastern European region.


Reaching new fans and more relevant consumers is made easier with SpringTab. With SpringTab, companies don't have to blow cash on unncessary marketing actions, only the ones that are actually reaching potential customers.


BeeRides is the first airport-focused peer-to-peer carsharing venture in the region. We offer a solution for people to park near airports free of charge, and to lend their cars (with complete insurance) to incoming visitors. Parking at the airport and renting a car is expensive – this way, we're helping users save money, and make some at the same time.


Our product is a unique software that enables dentists to be able to explain even the most complicated treatmens and procedures to patients. Custom 3D animations, in a quick and easy-to-process way, with one click.


People easily (and quickly) forget what they have learned. Trainers have a hard time tracking their students' progress. With the use of Practify, an online tool and support method, trainers can easly construct and maintain a tracking system.

8 ideas


Easebike is an electric vehicle with two wheels and no pedals, offering a transportation alternative that combines the best of bicycles and motorbikes: the comfort and practicality of the motorbike and the light weight, aesthetics, dynamism and prestige of a bicycle.

RF Anatomy

We have created an anatomy app, that is not too expensive for medical students and those working in the industry, while offering a broad spectrum of information. We feel our project fills a great void: a detailed anatomical map at an affordable price point.

Roomie Hunter

It's hard for foreign students coming to Hungary to find the right apartment and roommate. Our sexy and user-friendly website offers a solution, where they can find the place and the person to spend their semesters in and with.


Today's society is largely dependent on mobile electronics, but there's a problem: batteries die fast. We have a product that can charge these devices in a sustainable way, using human mechanic energy. And they can still use their devices while charging.


Our measurement device provides data on how to customize the time when the embrio is implanted into the mother's body. Traditional methods are expensive and unsuccessful most times. There's a potential market for 200.000 checkups a year, which would mean a 20-million-euro market for us every year.


Are you hungry? Not a fan of fast food? Not in the mood for a restaurant? Mom's not cooking for you anymore? Don't want to spend much? Most of all: do you like home cooking? Download the Yummber app and watch the city's best kitchens open up before you.


We would like to create a platform where you can order from the best restaurants, while at the same time feeding those less fortunate than you. Our goal is to promote daily charitable donations that don't actually cost money (or time) for the user.


Our solution enables colleagues to rate and praise each other with ease and on the record. Users can give badges (such as 'help with the presentation' or 'overtime') to their teammates. This contributes to the performance and transparency of the team, while encouraging members to appreciate each other.