Rules (GitR! Budapest)

The international competition is open for every innovative and scalable startup that fits the following criteria:

Has an innovative, scalable idea

Established in 2012 or after,

Seat of corporation is located in one of the following countries: Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Croatia, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia,

Application deadline: November 10th, 2017.

No slideshow presentations (e.g. Prezi or Power Point), the performers have to include all information in their speech.

Two competitors enter the ring, only one of them can qualify for the next battle each time.

The battles start with the entry of the two competitors. Presenters can design their custom ring entry. (music, costume, accessories, etc.)

Each battle consists of 5 rounds that are dealing with the following topics:



Business model and market,

Financial and investment proposal,

Free topic.

Both competitors have 30 seconds to speak every round.

After the last round a jury Q&A section wraps up the battle. After the Q&A the winner gets selected by the jury.

Based on the application form and Skype interviews the organizers will choose 30 teams. The best 16 teams will be selected from them. At the day before the competiton the 16 teams will first show their knowledge at a preparing training. The preliminary Skype interview and the participation at the preparing training are obligatory for the selected teams. Finally 8 teams from the 16 will present at the stage at December 1st, 2017 in the Castle Bazar ( Várkert Bazár), Budapest.

After the competition the event organizers will give an investment offer to the winning team up to 800 000 €. In return they ask a maximum of 24% share in the ownership of the winning startup. This prize is an opportunity, the winning team can decide if they accept or not the conditions of the given Term Sheet.

Language criteria

Get in the Ring! is an international competition, therefore English is the primary language mandatory at the competition.