Pre-selected teams


Our project aims at creating a software hat allows industry workers to learn the use of intelligent manufacturing tools and machines in a virtual environment. This solution eliminates the need of manufacturers to remove robots and machinery from the production line and use them for training purposes resulting in a significant loss in production. The software also allows the remote access of robots. RoboTrainer won the Get in the Ring Fast Track Győr competition!


We have developed a feedback tool that could be integrated in any kind of service, capable of quickly measuring customer satisfaction in the interaction points. We aim at offering our service for a monthly fee to international customers. Scorsey won the Get in the Ring Fast Track Debrecen competition!


Battlejungle is an online team building tool that helps companies oversee and control their employee’s recreational activities in the office. With gamified events, challenges, contests and tournaments we make team building an everyday activity serving the company’s goals.

Cognitive Creators

We thought why not to create a virtual environment where everything would be more intuitive and easy to use. Technically it is an intelligent grid system, more commonly saying: InGrid is your AI driven personal assistant, offering you full banking experience in a chat window.


4SmartStreets is a modern traffic analysis tool that provides precise, real time, factual data about objects, and their movement direction in motion of a particular place and time. 4SmartStreets is based on the deep learning technology, therefore it limits the potential error of counting a moped or mom with stroller as bicycle, and is able to provide higher precision in comparison with other players in the market.

viRaTechnologies GmbH

viRaCube offers a simple and intuitive way of controlling irrigation systems. Till now smart home ends at the outer wall of your house. We bring the garden a step further into smart home. viRaCube is more than „controlled by a smartphone“, we automate your garden watering system. We provide an optimal and sustainable way of irrigating plants with the least amount of effort for them.

DRS DefectRadar GmbH

In each constuction or real estate project are in average a minimum of 1-2 defects per every 10m². DefectRadar is the digital solution of this process and is realizing cost and time savings of 60-70%. Our solution with web app and native apps for all smartphones and tablets supports the user in recording, documentation, communication and tracking of tasks and defects.


InnovaLab offer focuses on creating and providing new technological solutions to secure materials based on plastics or ready-made products. These solutions are used to identify such products and protect them from unfair business practices. The company offers an innovative technology of chemical marking of materials based on plastics.


With Intellyo we strive to build the world’s leading intelligent platform to acquire consumers at industrial scale. We use machine learning algorithms to better understand ideal communication on the web and proprietary traffic platforms. The information is being used to then produce the required content to reach our target customer.


Moow is a smart bicycle grip that has 4 main functions: it will notify you on your mobile phone if somebody even tries to steal your bike, and in the same time a loud sound and light alarm will turn on. It has LED lights on the both ends of the grip which provides a 360-degree visibility in the dark. The grip can track your route, speed, how many calories burned and so on. Last but not least if you have a serious accident, the grip can detect it and if you don't show any activity after a crash, it will send an emergency sms to your contact person along with your location.


What we offer is complete and intuitive tool that you can learn to use within 10min. 4 products within one. Employer branding, Sourcing, CRM and ATS.

Alris Vision

AIris created a technology that can recognize and understand objects and concepts in photos, videos and live streams. We are a B2B company, focused mainly on providing image recognition capabilities to app developers or companies that need image recognition.


Symme3D Biotech is the next natural iteration of the well received and fast growing Symme3D Manufacturing. We've improved our technology and realized we now have more than enough precision to be applied in biotechnology. We've signed a partnership for machines validation with OncoGen, the most modern Cancer research facility in Eastern Europe and we already started bioprinting non vascularized human parts like ears and noses. We plan on improving our technology towards blood vessels and in the future complex tissues like skin and organs.


School teachers or university professors usually don’t have enough time to explain everything to everybody. As a result, some students have troubles understanding things. Our mission is to solve this problem by providing our students with relevant, self-paced content to tackle real-life situations.


We act as a sales and financial intermediary. With our solution the customers get the possibility to pay for online products by monthly installments not with standing a psp integration or a direct rate payment offer by the online store. Users get to post product links and we get back to them with an offer, involving the monthly installment rates and other conditions.


Changer app is like a personal mentor (coach, psychologist etc) - but free, always available and interactive. Changer app builds unique self-development program for each user, adjusted to his needs (f.e. be more confident) and lifestyle.